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Very adolescent Libran's fantasy is to find the Prince or Princess of their dreams. As their lives untbld, the experiences, false starts, dramas, broken hearts and disillusionment they encounter seeking this personal Holy Grail, often shapes their futures in the most extra-ordinary manner. Love and love-lost makes a big difference to the Libran although their often happy-go-lucky appearance against all kinds of odds may not reveal this as fact.

Librans can switch off from the world around then and during these periods much more occurs on the deep innermost levels of the Libran's psyche, than their closest companions imagine. Many Librans after establishing a lifestyle that somehow bills short of their childhood dreams, manage to conjure up a most independent life and keep up an image of being dedicated to a "close relationship". They can escape into obscure role playing - and often this makes them extremely successful business people. When it comes to romance and love, Librans can be difficult to fathoms yet in business many Librans discover they can not only be creative, but it provides an opportunist to express the more diverse sides to their personalities. Their charm can win jobs and provides powerful friends. But in both work and play, looking for peace and harmony, Librans often say "yes" when they should he saying "no".

It is a sad fact about many a Libran's personal or business lives to say - many would have faired far better had they remained alone! But: for those Librans who do find their secret dream and meet up with their Prince or Princess, that's another sun! You'll find them living in some exotic, distant beautiful place, probably running the local bar or restaurant, designing the beach or ski gear, looking wonderful, sipping cocktails and finding life to be the total paradise they knew it could be, What Librans always have to remember when looking to fulfil their dreams is they should never undermine their own integrity and hold out until their dreams do come true - not dimply take whatever is offered.

If a man gets ill on Saturday. That is the day of venues ill person effects of warmest on magic. He feels head and swelling of heart. Body breaks down so he feels uncomfortable. But hlood bleeds from abdomen may give sadqa. Five kilo Salt, 5 Kilo Jawar, 10 kilo Mash on rogan Hajad and 10 meter cloth of black color should be given if these things are not available then milk and on egg and rice should be given to a beggar. 7 days will be of trouble write to taveez and held one in neck he will be better


If anybody became ill at Juma or Juma-e-Rat that day is of Jupiter. His alignments physical vomiting is his symbol. And laziness is too much. He cannot move or may be bleeding. His blood is buried on him a gouts looked. He got in Navjea. 1-Ic gets fever and feels pain hands tremble. He peaks in sleeps water comes out of his mouth. Eyes are painful 7 days are of problem & he should give sadqa for his health. Salt 5 Kilo and a cock of red colour. On meter cloth and bread and a koza of water may be given to some beggar. This taveez should be given for holding in neck and to drink. He will be Insha Allah fell well.


Underneath their cool. calm and .collected exterior, Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans manage tosdiscreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. They will let others get close. but only so close as they want them. Some claim that trying to get your points across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees they simply
won't budge. And. there is no such thing as an open-hook Taurean. Their feelings, fears and desires often run fir deeper than anyone around them would guess. Lik.e the butterfly that chooses to remain hidden in its cocoon until it is ready and prepared to emerge, so the true Taurean spirit remains hidden behind a veneer of clay-to-day activities. That's why Taureans, are sometimes regarded as snobby, withdrawn, boring, or even sulkv.

The truth is when Taureans manage to operate very adequately on their own form of automatic pilot they can switch off from the world around them very efficiently. And when they do switch al they are actually gathering in
their inner reserve deal with the outside pressures. This sign is also very closely connected to 'feeling good'.
Most Taureans creature comforts: and hate change because it takes them out of their automatic pilot condition of separating themselves from the world around them.

Because the hate to be put in jeopardy of any kind, this is the sign that strives to create
tmmorrow in advance, rather than leave it to fate.: ln love, Taureans are regarded as extremely sensual beings. An earth sign, they deal well w ith the personal, physical senses and consequently all the pleasures associated with. what they can sec, touch, smell and taste, add up to a special delight to them. Often nature lovers, Taureans are closely. .associated with all things on. the earth and nature.




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