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Taurus 20-Apri to 19-May  












The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus. Physically it is related to the throat. It is said to have feminine nature, and is therefore more passive and receptive in it's energy expression. Taurus is an Earth sign and as such is connected with fruitfulness and stability. Aplanet placed in this sign witll be a stabilising influence and manifest it's energy in a steadfast and determined manner. Taurus is also a Fixed sign, and this means that once a course is embarked on it's is rarely deviated from. Maintenance and care of existing conditions over long periods of time, and a reluctance to initiate change, are qualities of this sign.Taurus is also connected with the resources of Nature, and the whole issue of value and worth. Therefore it is accociated with finance, worldly goods and security. People with a strong emphasis in this sign tend to be materialistic, and often get stuck in a rut . By Periodically cuttion there strong attachments they can gain greater perspective. There is a talent for relaxation and enjoyment of sensory pleasures.

BURJ is empty and female and shines on the land of FARAS. Box is ZUHRA and this tart is of SHEESHT prophet. The person with this start will be noble and honest. Saturday and Friday will be good for him. If he wants a spouse, he should select from Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Some marks are expected on nose or head which is a sign of richness. White ZEERA is good, back pain can be seen. Possibility of marrying more than one woman and getting baby boys. Suggestions are to do a work at the start of a month. The voyage box is Capricorn TALAY predictions are 7 and 30 years if he crosses that the age will prolongs to 90.

You may be on the verge of making some change regarding some work or health issues. You could be very close to taking some decisive steps forward, but just be aware that the moment to leap into action may not have arrived just yet. You could be receiving some very interesting news before the end of this week. Self-confidence and discipline will be the key for success. You need to have faith in yourself and pursue your goals strategically to achieve success.


Some bulls may have fuck in financial matters as the Moon activates their second house of personal finances; funding for a project may be ranted soon. Intimate relationships may also benefit from today’s energy, so be open to the needs and concerns of your partner. Emotions may run high, so find a healthy balance in order to make the best use of this energy. Beneficial colours are desert sand and bronze. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.


Don’t be afraid of the strange dreams you have during at this time; it’s just your subconscious speaking to you. The answers to many of your problems can often be found by listening to the language of your sleeping mind, so write down everything your remember upon waking. Spend time in quiet contemplation, reviewing the events of the past month. Fortunate colours are sunset pink and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.


TALAY Taurus time birth of a woman is good for her. She will be honest, noble and beautiful. She will be hardworking and guide for men. Breast ache is possible. Danger from injuries and magic. She should keep DEO NAMA with her all the time. She will be calm in nature and 7 or 20 years are bad for her. Once she goes pass this danger she will get 90 years age.

The effected of this TALAY should write the following TAVEEZ with white cock blood and bind around neck. For 3 days 160 kg flour, one kg salt and a grey fabric should be given as charity.
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