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Gemini 20-May to 19-June  












The Sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Physically it is related to the hands and lungs. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more outwardly oriented in it's energy expression. It is Air sign, and this means that is connected with communication, mentall contact and social pronciples. It is also a mutable sign which enhances flexibility and adaptability. Planents placed in this sign will often reflect on personal intelligence, bringing a tremendous curiosity and a need to exchange ideas with other people in a socil environment. Flightiness and unreliability is negative manifestations of Gemini persons. They like to involved iwth too many things at any one time. There is a love of ideas, but no inner need to put them into practice . Nevertheless this influence confers great mental insight, though there is oftensome kind of split in connection with planets placed in this sign. Communication is main Key word of Gimini.

This is ATARAD box, also BAADI. This is start of HazartYahya (AS) who shines on FARAS and sometimes on China. He who born in this start will be noble, honest, determent and will carry various qualities. Wednesday is lucky for him and should wear black fabric. This person should not speak a lie. He should keep DEO NAMA with him always. To avoid possible headache, he should use ROGHAN-E-BANAFSHA. The nature is a bit chill and 22~50 years is unlucky. If it survives the age will prologs to 70.

Spread indicates that long planning in the job is likely to materialize. It would relieve you from your prolonged mental tension and infuse a new spirit in you. It is time for you to give way to positive thinking to bring success at new workplace. Avoid taking unnecessary stress and keep your presence of mind to enable yourself to bring expected results. Peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings would life your spirits to encourage you. It will help you to get rid of your mental stress.

TALAY Gemini:

The woman who born in this TALAY will be noble and beautiful.The babies will also carry the same qualities. Can get sick for sorrows.Can get sick for eyes and stomach problems. She should keep DEWONAMA always. If the danger goes away the age will prolongs to 85 years.


The genie of Gemini told HazratSuleman once, that his name is Alhussain and he often live at graveyards and places like this. He tend to tease people who walk across him and don’t recite Allah’s blessings. The signs of my punishments are eyes ache, headache and nightmares. He tells the cure of this punishment, “the person should write the following TAVEEZ with the blood of goat, she goat or black cock and keep it with him. 40 kg flour, 40 kg MASH, one meter fabric and 2 kg salt and 2 cocks and 2 flags to be placed at a noble’s grave.”


After an introspective day, the changeable Moon enters your first house of personality, giving you a second wind. It may be hard to sleep tonight as your thoughts speed head into the future. Some calisthenics before bed may actually help relieve your of excess energy and allow you to get much needed rest for tomorrow, when you can make a great deal of progress. Fortunate colours are pale violet and mixed stripes. Lucky numbers are 1 and 4.


The combination of the emotional Moon and penetrating Pluto may be intense, but it is also likely to be delightful today. If you have been open to growing through your closest friendships, you can begin to reap some of the rewards. Communication my be difficult at first, but keep trying. The twins often avoid deep connections, but the next few years will teach you to value intimacy like never before. Fortunate colours are mustard yellow and olive green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 17.
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