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Capricorn 21-Dec to 19-Jan  












Capricorn is traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn. Physically it is related to the knees, and to a certain extent and joints, skin and bones. It is said to have feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in it's energy expression. As a Cardinal sign Capricorn is goal oriented, and channels energy into strategic planning to attain long-term results. As an Earth sign, goals tend to be practical and related to material interests. 
Planets in Capricorn will express themselves in a determined and serious manner, striving for honour and some kind top through hard work and perseverence. Status and executive power are important - as is social position. There can be a certain formality and lack of spontaneity with planets in this sign, due to feelings and exert considerable self-discipline, but it would be advantageous if a greater emotional sensitivity and concern for others could be intgrated into the nature.

This is khaki star and box is ZUHAL. This is Yousaf (AS) star and shines on FARAS. The person will be honest, people loving and noble. Friday is lucky for voyage. Can see PBUH in dream. The unlucky period is 2-7-40 years and then 100 years age if survives.

The spread indicates that things should be starting too seen a little more positive and hopeful around the house. It is a great time to develop some new ways of effectively dealing with your family. Your confidence and optimism should be increasing and you are bound to be feeling a little more involved and in control around the house. Other people tend to misunderstand your words or action. When inevitable delays or annoying intrusions occur, just try not to get too mad or resentful.

Capricorn Woman:

The woman of this star will be honest and noble. Liker of virtue and hater of bad. She should see silver if she saw new moon. Can be married twice and will be free of aches. If sometimes feel pain in the ears should use BANAFSHA oil. The unlucky periods are 3 years. And then 70 years age.


The genie said, “My name is MALJAHAT and I live in old places and he who comes to me without TAVEEZ and Allah’s name I will punish him. The signs are afraid of everything and KAPKAPI. The heart will be calm less and headaches every time. The cure is to write TAVEEZ of a single colour cock and bring the water from 3 wells. Take a bath form the water and give charity of 2 mond NAAN, one kg salt, 3 fabrics.


The moon moves through your sixth house and brings situations at work to a head: there may be a sudden event that shakes up the office, but you should be free and clear of any real trouble. The real issue is the one you have most likely been avoiding: what sort of state are you health in? Have you been buying larger pants each year for the past three or four years in a row? If so, it’s time for some changes. Beneficial colours are cobalt blue and pure white Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.


Storm Saturn and passionate mars in you mid-heaven battle disruptive Uranus and lordly Jupiter in fiery Aries. This creates quite some conflict between your private self and your public image. Be sure to stick by your principles, drawing strength from your family to over come the challenges. A time of profound transformation is at hand, so stand firm. Advantageous colours are red coral and blue sapphire. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.
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