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Cancer 20-June to 22-July  












The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Physically it is related to the breasts and stomach. It si said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in its energy. It is a Water sign, and as such is connected to the world of emotion and the instincts. It is also a Cardinal sign, which means that planets placed here will express themselves in a very dynamic fashion- especially in matters connected with care and protection. This sign is associated with motherhood and the familyl. There is a great sensitivity on an inner level, but rather a secretive nature. Loyalty and attachment, sentimentality and hanging on to the past, are all characteristics associated with Cancer. There is a strong attachment to the home and awareness of the environment. Planets in Cancer come to expression most clearly in connextion with the home and family.

It’s a moon box, and shines on YAMEN. He who born in this start will be noble, honest, determent and will carry various qualities. Saturday is lucky for him and women of cancer and Scorpio is lucky. Sometimes can experience various aches. The person should not get angry and should not go for a shopping. The parent’s box is Libra and brothers & sisters box is Virgo. He will get benefits from parents and home mates. His death star is Aquarius. TALAY women is 1 or 20 years, once escape this threat will get 90 years age.

You need to communicate about what is going on in that heart of yours. Your are coming to terms with some very profound truths and you will need to be strong enough to make the necessary changes. Eventually the tide will be right for you to move on. Not all that glitters is gold and you may find this out the hard way this week. If you are willing to begin with courage, then you will be able to complete what you will start. You may find that your friends are a little out of control.

TALAY Woman:

The woman who born in this TALAY will be beautiful and noble. She can experience various pains and aches. Saturday is lucky and can also get benefits from sons. She can be rude naturally. She should not be without a TAVEEZ. Unlucky period is 2 or 7 years, once it passes the age will be 50 years.


The genie of this star is asked by HazratSulemen about this star’s status. He said, “my place is open fields and small fields and salons. He who walk through my room without TAVEEZ, I punish him. My signs are aches in boons and burning heart. The cure is to write the following TAVEEZ with white or black cock’s blood and take fragrance. One lamp, and one flag should be placed at a tomb. 40 kg flour, one kg salt, one pair of fabric should be charioted.”


With the Moon transiting your twelfth house of sacred and spirituality, you may not care for the company of others today. Make an effort to feed your soul this afternoon, whether you indulge in aromatherapy, youga or a chocolate ice cream treat. Being alone for any length of time should be therapeutic. Tell your loved ones you need some alone time and then take it! Beneficial colours are midnight blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.


The gentle Crab may be spread thinly by colleagues who take advantage of your caring nature… you may start to wonder, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies?’ The trick is to learn how to erect boundaries that will give you the opportunity to help others, but also protect your from opportunists. Learn to say ‘maybe’ instead of an automatic ‘yes’ when people ask if you can do them a favour. Propitious colours are steel grey and sapphire blue. Lucky number are 26 and 35.
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