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Aquarius 20-Jan to 18-Feb  












The sign Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn. Physically it is related to the calves and ankles, as well as the circulation system. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more outwardly oriented in it's energy expression. As a Air sign it is very social, and show it self in groups and social organisation. As a Fixed sign it has determination and staying power, and it is related to ideological convictions. The Aquarius influence is expressed in rather a stubborn way as far as opinions are concerned, but the sign is also strongly related to social and humanitarian ideals. Planets in this sign express themselves in a unique and unconventional manner. This can lead to an experience of alienation or social isolation. Nevertheless the energy of Aquarius is in essence friendly and expressses it self in social realationships where shared ideals play a greater role than emotions. Aquarian energy is cool and detached, and a greater balance could be achieved if more warmth and identity could be invested in personality expression.

This is BAADI star and belongs to SHOIB (AS) and shines on China. The person who born in this star will be honest and noble, will carry long life. When he goes to his elders pleas stay at right side. The unlucky periods are 2-9 years and then 80 years of age.

Money should be more readily available to you that is has been for some time. Just be careful that you don’t end up spending more than you really should. Take the chance to do everything possible to increase your earning power and to put your financial situation in order. You should be encountering a few new opportunities to improve your financial picture. Conveying your feeling to your long time friend would bring positive results.

Woman Aquarius

The woman who belongs to this star will be noble and well figured. Will be benefitted by 3 husbands’ property.A lots of people will try magic on them. When he say new moon she should see herself naked. The sons will be very beneficiaries. The unlucky time will be 20-6 years and then 80 years of age.

DEONAMA Aquarius

The genie name is BARJABAN and his places are 4 ways. The person who come to him without taveez he will punish him. The signs are calm less heart, loudy and woumpty. The cure is write a TAVEEZ with single colour cock and charity 40 kg flour, 5 salts, and one meter fabric. Also put 2 flags on grave of a noble person.


Your fifth house of romance and creativity is activated by the Moon, giving you a boost of energy and a playful spirit later in the day. If you start the day feeling cranky and irritable, rest assured that by this afternoon, you’ll be ready for a bit of fun. Some water bearers may have a hard time going to sleep this evening. When the moon and energetic Mars combine to get creative juices flowing. If you are plum purple and bronze. Lucky number is 5 and 14.


Today is pleasant, as long as siblings and neighboure don’t bring up subjects you would rather not discuss. Group authorities are very satisfying, especially if you are working together for the good of the greater community. Picnics and other outdoor events are especially lively as you are ready for love and play. Forget about your troubles and show your sunny side. Fortunate colours are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
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