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DAROOD PAK has great and various benefits. We can overcome various problem with the help of DAROOD PAK. Sometimes we use it to circulate ourselves. And sometimes we recite it for the blessings of RASOOL PAK. As Allah: says in the holy Quran, "Allah and Angles presents DAROOD to Muhammad (), 0 Muslims, recite. DAROOD on NABI SAW
Some DAROODS are as follows:-.

Ay Allah Hmary Aqa Mula Hazrat Muhammad ky Mutabik Rehmatien or Barkatien Nazil Farma.

Hazrat Sheikh Syed Ali Bin Yousaf Madni Rehmat Ullah Aleh ny Hazrat Jlal-ud-Din Syuti sy Rawat. ki ha k is Darood-e-Sharif ko Aik bar Parhny sy 6 Lakh Darood-e-Pak Parny ka swab basil ho ga.

Ay Allah Har Aib sy pak ha or isi kelie hi tarif ha Allah Pak or Azmat wala ha.


Hazrat Abu Hurera R.A sy rawat ha k Rasul Allah Ny Irshad Farmya k jis shaksh ny 100 martba is ko parha to us ky gunah bakhsh diy jain gy. Khwa samadar ki jhag k brabr hon.. (Bukhari Sharif)

Ay Allah Rehmatien Nazal Farma Hamary Aqa Mulah Hazrat Muhammad " Par or un ki aal par jitni tu pasand fermata ha or jis sy tu razi hots ha.

Mozr-e-Al Hsnat my ha k jo shakhs ye darood-e-pak aik martba parhta ha to 70 hazar
farishty aik hazar din tak is k nama amaal my nikian likhty rehty hain.

Ay Allah Jaa Ata Farma Rehmtein Nazil Farma Hamary Aqa Mulah Hazra Muhammad par un ki hsan k laik ha.

Ye Darood-e- Pak Parhny waly kelie 70 hazar farishty aik hazar din tk nekian likhty rehty hain. (Tibrani)
Their intense ability to live on many mental levels. holds both pain and. pleasure for Aquarians. For example in the American I Hall of Fame there are more Aquarians than any other sign, yet statistics reveal that in mental institutions there are more Aquarians than any other sign too. Many extremes can surround this sign and these extremes can take them to both heaven and hell.

But in everyday terms, most Aquarians are extremely humanitarian and often involved in social programs that. assist others. They can also be objective in judgment, for they never let their emotions get in the way. Outgoing and • amiable. Aquarians attract friends wherever they go .and those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving Aquarians are the zodiac's most mysterious and unusual people - and no two are anything alike. Those born under this sign ruled by innovative and non-conformist Uranus - march to the beat of their own drum. They see life in a different. way. Others quite frequently think their habits and ideas are eccentric or crazy in some way, but it is this uniqueness that makes them so special. The Aquarian mind is extremely quick and they never seem to slop thinking (it is interesting to note that many born under this sign suffer from insomnia.) Aquarians usually have strong political, environmental or social beliefs. But whether it is a relationship, career or cause - Aquarians are happiest lien they have "something" to believe in and nurture.




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