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Giants are also the creation of Allah some as acknowledge and some as not. Some uneducated giants can damage human beings Mulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi writes in his book. He says Hazrat Ayoub had some date palms and giants damage them.

He claimed to Holy Prophet and he said go and see and say means is get help in the name of Allah.

Go by the call of Holy Prophet there is written in termizi that u educated giant can damage every ting and human beings.



Lay a carpet in a neat & clean place away from crowded area, and wear new cloths. Keep the place fresh with fragrance and hold an AUDOU DAMOLA to start the practice with shower. Recite Surah MUZZAMIL 40 times for 40 days. Nobody should be allowed to enter the room for 40 days except you. Do not eat animals during practice & keep the door shut after daily practice. It is normal to see various faces during this practice, do not afraid of them, because of that shower no body harm the practicing person. It will be dangerous if somehow you come out of the room due to fear. And if the practitioner completes the 40 days, a genie will come and obey your every order. But ask him for only fair works. Also ask him for the method to call him. Insha’Allah he will guide you the whole process.


This practice must be conducted outside the town by camping. Fragrant your tent and start after ISHA Prayer. Recite Surah JINN 7 times and Surah MUZZAMIL 120 times with 11011 times DAROOD PAK at the start and in the end. Repeat this 40 times a day for 40 days. Stay away from animal’s meat and other necessary preventions. During last 10 days one can see horror naked women and strange faces & ghosts etc. If the practitioner remain firm and don’t come out of the camp during practice then Insha’Allah in the morning the genie will come with the king of genies MASAJEEN and ask you for why he has been called upon. And then he will remain your obedient forever and ever if the practitioner don’t have any curse of this world and keep honesty. Infect the practitioner should do this for public service.


For this practice you got to have a sound recitation practice of surah JINN. If you want to have a good practice of surah JINN, you got to keep fast for 3 consecutive days (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday). During these 3 days don’t eat any kind of meat and remain fragrant all the times. And take smoke (DHONI) in the morning and at nights. And recite surah jinn 1000 times during three days (e.g. 333 times a day). On Thursday, start this practice at times that it finished at about midnight. After finishing, say 2 NAFALS, after NAFALS recite DAROOD PAK 11 times. Insha’Allah a genie will come, his height will be moderate and hands will be long. Genie will come in front of you and will say SALAM. Keep yourself firm as the genie will be humungous. He is a king of Muslim genies. He converted to Islam on the auspicious hands of SYEDNA MUHAMMAD (PBUH). 3 men will be standing to his back. If the practitioner remains firm, Insha’Allah he will succeed, and if he afraid and ran away then the genies will be gone and everything will be wasted. This genie’s name is ABU YOUSAF. You should say him “we owe you our right and you should help us”. Whatever you will say, his slaves will get you within a flash. You should be happy at that, and never ABU YOUSAF again and again, infect you should only practice this once in a month.


This practice should be done in loneness at a neat place by laying a carpet and circle around. Wear neat and clean cloth and keep the cloth fragrant. Practice should be done after ISHA prayer. While circling yourself recite surah IKHLAS trice with harmony and surah MUZZAMIL 40 times. During practice nobody else should be around. While practicing some horror faces can be viewed but you don’t have to afraid of them. They cannot come inside your drawn circle. If the practitioner feared and came out of the circle then it will be dangerous for him. In last 10 days the practitioner can view more horror things but if you keep yourself firm then genies will come and make you their friend. After friendship whenever you recite surah MUZZAMIL in loneness the genies will come in a flash.
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