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This chapter is for generating rivalry between two. Burn the enemy’s assets through practices and TAVEEZ. This is not allowed for me to do, I have asked many times but never permitted to do so. In this practice there is a great danger of losing religion and lesser chances to gain benefits. Many of the women are famous in creating agony between husband and his parents, brothers and sisters etc. if the husband is serious to his responsibilities he can never be dodged.

But woman can try to do his desires with magic. People like this start this war and when somebody replied them with same they become each other’s enemy. To judge such people is a hard thing for an AMAL. We usually don’t do such practices if we have a little doubt. I also suggest my fellow AMALs to never do this practice. They should do the practices of love and affection.

Practice to Concur the Enemy:

Before starting this practice, one should practice all possible ways to fix the problems with its enemy. This is a good deed to do. But when you see that this one is not going to listen, you should do this practice. After MAGHRIB, think of enemy and recite “KAF HA YE AIN SAWAD HA MIM AIN SEEN QAF” like this. Recite “KAF” and close the little finger of right hand then recite “HA” and close the next finger, then “YA” and close the next finger and then “AIN” and close the next finger and then “SAWAD” and close the thumb. Similarly recite “HA” and close the little finger of left hand, then “MIM” and next finger, “AIN” and next finger, “SEEN” and next finger, “QAF” and next finger and close the both hands and recite Surah LAIL. When it reaches to “TARAMEEM” then on each “MEEM” open one finger with order he closed them. And now blow it towards enemy or enemy home after completing the Surah.

Second Practice:

On a noon take some dust and stand naked in sunshine. Recite TABAT YADA 7 times, ANNASS 7 times, LEELAAF 7 times, and 41 times “YA QAHIR ULADOW YA WALI YA BADOOH YA FAHIR YL ADOW” and through the dust in enemy’s house. If the dust is taken from a walking way the enemy will be destroyed by reaching to begging stage, and if the dust is of a no go area the enemy will be burnt. This practice should not be done for a Muslim. Before starting any practice consult to an AMAL otherwise you will be the only responsible for any loss.
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