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Recitation of the name ďAllahĒ is auspicious for diagnosis. If you want to either make someone your reporter or wants to gain benefits from tycoons, you got to start this recitation on Thursdays or Fridays at the start of every month. At night time sit on your knees towards QIBLAH and close your eyes. First recite complete AYAT-UL-KURSI 11 times and 1010 time ISM-E-ZARAT with ABARAT, and imagine your desired standing in front of you. When you finished reciting all said things then blow a DAM on the face of your desired one, and ask him/her to be your obedient. Repeat this practice for 15 days.

If possible try to DAM the said recitation on some food and feed it to your desired, INSHALLAH the one will become obedient. If you recite this nameís ZAKAT 1000 times for 40 days then you will become a master of this practice. Then it will easier to get benefits from this practice at times. You will get benefits if you feed someone by blowing a DAM on any food. During ZAKAT you got to recite AYAT-UL-KURSI daily.

When you finished the practice (CHILLA), blow a DAM on a squash (SHARBAT) and recite FATIAH on the soul of Muhammad (PBUH). And keep on reciting in tandems to keep you a master. The following verse is compulsory with ISM-E-ZAAT. and if itís a woman then say
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